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Natalija Vocanec is a contemporary Australian artist whose innovative use of mediums and unique perspective has ignited her career. Based in the coastal town of Shellharbour, south of Sydney, Natalija was born in Austria and raised in Australia. As a child, she was surrounded by artistic inspiration, and while she didn't pursue formal arts education until later, she constantly explored different mediums and techniques. She later refined her skills with a Diploma in Fine Arts at West Wollongong TAFE College and a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Curtin University.

During her education, Natalija founded Da Vinci Art Studio, a private art school in Shellharbour that provides weekly classes for children and adults. She describes herself as an environmental and humanitarian artist, and her work often explores the themes of preservation and development. Her love of nature is evident in her aerial perspective paintings of Australian coastal landscapes, which she captures through her own drone photography and then develops into multimedia paintings that capture the viscosity and texture of the land.

Natalija's work has been exhibited locally and internationally, and her paintings can be found in private collections and businesses in the Illawarra and South Coast regions of New South Wales. She is a passionate and dedicated artist who is committed to her practice and to
sharing her love of art with others.

As a human being, I have always felt a deep connection to nature. I believe that it is essential for us to spend time in the natural world, as it can help us to relax, de-stress, and reconnect with ourselves and others. Unfortunately, in today's digital age, many people have become disconnected from nature. This is a problem for a number of reasons. First, it means that we are missing out on the many benefits that nature has to offer. Second, it can lead to a sense of alienation and isolation. 
Third, it can make it difficult for us to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the world around us.

My art practice is a way of reconnecting with the beauty of both the environment and us as humans. I am inspired by the natural world, and I use my art to explore our relationship with it. I am also interested in exploring the human condition, and I believe that my art can help people to see 

themselves and the world around them in new ways.

Natalija Vocanec, 2023.

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  • Suite 20-21, 2 Shellharbour City Centre New South Wales, Australia

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